How did Darn Good Soaps begin?

Darn Good Soaps was opened for business in the Spring of 2001. The founder originally started soap making was from a kit at the craft store. She wanted to make just a few bars for a gift basket she was putting together for a friend. So she mixed, poured and molded these little soaps in her kitchen and became instantly hooked on the hobby of soap making!

As fate would have it, her hobby soon became an obsession and before she knew it-she had made more soap then she could possibly use herself. Luckily she had a bunch of friends and family who were knocking down my door to buy her soapy creations and they finally convinced her to take her "hobby" to the next step, and Darn Good Soaps was born.

In the spring of 2003 she purchased a local candle company that was up for sale and learned how to make soy candles. They were instantly a hit! So we have now become Darn Good Soap & Candle Co.

We are committed to putting the same quality, care and love into every creation as our founder did!

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